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23. Dezember 2019 von Advisori

Splunk is a great platform with a bunch of handy features and tools. Not only for putting data into Splunk but also for searching data and visualizing, including dashboards. Splunk dashboards provide several input-types to allow for user interactivity. Whenever users are required to select multiple options, ‘Multiselects’ are obviously the right means for you. Multiselects are easy to use but can become a little cumbersome as well.

3. Dezember 2019 von Advisori

Etwa dreieinhalb Jahre sind nun vergangen seitdem die EZB am 18. Mai 2016 die Verordnung zur Implementierung eines granularen statistischen Kreditmeldewesens (Analytical Credit Datasets; kurz: AnaCredit) verordnet hat.

2. Dezember 2019 von Nicole März

ADVISORI zeigt, wie mithilfe von künstlicher Intelligenz echte Verbrechen verhindert werden. Im Blog Artikel auf erfahren Sie mehr.

23. September 2019 von Advisori

The goal of this blog series is to teach an agent how to play the chrome browser game "Dino Run". In this first article, we will create an interface between the agent and the game so that the agent can control the dino. We will write an interface that is based on the gym environment. The gym environment is used by many reinforcement learning agents and can be easily shared and installed. As we want to train our agent on an EC2 instance the game must run on a headless browser. We will solve this by creating a virtual display.

14. August 2019 von Sebastian Rücker

When we don’t use Splunk for ad-hoc analysis, we built reports, dashboards and alerts with it, frequently for security sensitive applications. Often, no automated tests are written to check the integrity of these applications. I think it’s a good idea to change that!

21. Januar 2019 von Boris Friedrich

Im Rahmen der Initiative Cyber Security Academy (CSA) planen wir neben anderen Aktivitäten den Aufbau eines kleinen Hacking Labs.